About Us

We are a group of bicycle enthusiasts. The following may even sound familiar to you.

We started just like most of you, tooling around the neighborhood with our training wheels on. Then it was BMX and Freestyle. As we grew older, the need for bigger adventures and crazier stories brought us to mountain bikes. Before long we were making those trips we should all take at least once to places with trail names like Slickrock and Commando/Two Elks…

Then life set in and we found fewer and fewer hours for the bike as school and then work cut into our riding time. As the family grew and our obligations to others became more and more time consuming our time for the bike shrank even more.

A few years down the road and quite a few more pounds out of shape than ever imagined, we discovered the road bike. With this tool, we were able to regain the health we once had and started to feel the great joy of getting out on the road and just riding a bike.

Now we start to have a completely new problem. Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to make a living riding a bicycle, you will have to find a way to take care of all your obligations while still satisfying your desire to log as many miles as possible on the bike. Our newly rekindled love of the bike is now competing with our work and family lives for time.

This is why we started SHIFT3 Bicycles. Because after work and life, we are here to help with the third part of your world, BIKE.