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Spring Into Color

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SHIFT3 Bicycles is looking to put some color into our spring line up. We are currently working on several design concepts which range from retro style monotone with simple lettering, to a flashy multicolor paint scheme and everything in between.

SHIFT3 Working On Cargo Bike Prototype

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SHIFT3 Bicycles is working on the initial stages of a long tail cargo bike design. The new design will allow riders to turn their bike into a car replacement. Trips to the store or dropping the kids off at school are just a few of the tasks that can be accomplished on a long tail cargo bike.

SHIFT3 Bicycles Launches New Website

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SHIFT3 Bicycles has launched a new website at The new website features a completely new look and feel for the company. In addition to the new look, there is now a dealer locator page and new features to make sharing content on social media networks simpler for visitors.